Knowledge is Power…
Some of the oldest salt of the Earth comes from mines at the base of the Himalaya Mountains in Pakistan, known since at least the time of Alexander the Great. Scientists have identified over 80 minerals in this Himalayan salt, from Actinium to Zinc (, far beyond your basic sodium chloride. In some of the salt, certain minerals create a pink color.  Himalayan salt is 85% sodium chloride, compared to 97.5% in table salt. Most of the other contents are also vital electrolytes-potassium, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate-with trace amounts of dozens of others.

Users report a wide range of health and beauty benefits from exposure to this salt and its array of elements, including relief from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems (; relaxing and reducing stress, detoxifying, purifying air, clearing sinuses, regulating hydration, electrolyte replacement, lowering blood pressure, balancing pH, and improving digestion (; and cleaning and invigorating the skin.

These benefits of Himalayan salt can be received through a number of delivery methods-salt lamps, massage stones, bath soaks, sole (pronounced so-lay), and exfoliation. Salt lamps blend with any décor and work like an ionizer to remove harmful positive ions from the air replacing them with healthy negative ions. Salt massage stones can be heated or cooled to enhance the soothing massage. Soaking in warm salt water helps you relax and eases sore muscles and cramps. Some of the dissolved minerals are absorbed by your skin. Sole is a water solution saturated with the salt (26%) and makes a great antacid or electrolyte booster. Exfoliation, such as our Salt Glow, is a scrub that removes dead skin and promotes healthy circulation.

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