I am amazed at all the different modalities Darby brings to the massage table. I am a huge fan of myofascial release which I have had amazing results from. True Roots Massage has so much to offer when it comes to physical and emotional well-being. I am a forever client!

So Blessed!

I am grateful to be able to go to True Roots massage to see Darby on a regular basis. Each time, she addresses my current needs, not only physical but emotional and spiritual, as well.  Her myofascial techniques have contributed to my physical healing while her soothing massage and spiritual intuition have often calmed my View Full →

Wonderful Darby!

Darby does amazing work! She can work out those tight knots and find those tender spots! She is soft spoken and easy the tension away! Customer since December 2014

Incredible… as always

Darby and True Roots is all about the experience and atmosphere. It’s a warm, welcoming environment so you feel relaxed the moment you enter. Darby’s skill is top notch and I would recommend her to everyone. She’s very in tune and adjusts based on your needs each session. I can’t say enough positive things about View Full →


Of course it was amazing! Just can’t go wrong with a True Roots massage! I went in sore and a little down, but left with a smile on my face! True roots is good for your body AND soul! Customer since November 2014

Great experience

I enjoyed the experience. They find out what your expectations and needs are and create a great session. Customer since October 2017

Location: Small Town; Services: Not so small town

Darby and Myka are top notch. They put so much into individualizing each session, I always feel important to them every time I walk in the door. After all these great reviews, if you aren’t convinced to call up and make an appointment, then you never will. Customer since June 2017

True Roots experience

My True Roots experience is always so peaceful, thoughtful, healthful, and on and on. I consider this one of the most important things I do for my health. Darby makes every moment of my appointment special. Customer since January 2016


Darby does a great job of finding the areas that need it the most. She is very caring and makes the massage all about me. You are missing out if you have not got a massage from her. Customer since May 2017